How It All Started


The present day St. Nicholas GFC developed from the

Drogheda Street League team “Ballsgrove Rangers”,

which was formed by Christy “Kit” Cahill who played

his football with the Wolfe Tones Club. He was helped

in the running of the team by Jimmy Pentony and

Oliver Kelly who preferred hurling with the Wolfe

Tones Hurling Club. Gerry McKeown also helped in

the formation of the club. The Club colours then were

green and white.


The first Ballsgrove Rangers team went 22 games without a win, but got their first trophy in a 1974 U/9 blitz sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. The team at this stage had no pitch or kit, so Kit Cahill approached Drogheda Corporation for use of a field at the rear of the swimming pool. The other half of the field was used by a soccer club and they moved to this site as it had a more level pitch. A drain ran down between the pitches which was filled in later and now forms the present pitch. Kit Cahill and Jimmy Pentony got a set of goals from the monks in Collon. Fintan McCarthy had come into the Club in the meantime and was working with the underage teams, some of those players were coming to an age where they would have to play with a regular club team in the County Board competitions, so we had to decide how to keep them.


Gerry McKeown and Fintan McCarthy met with some of the St. Dominic's G.F.C. committee to see if we could come to some arrangement, but nothing came of it. It was then decided to form a Club on our own.


At a meeting in the Holy Family meeting rooms on the 12th of December 1976 it was agreed to form a Club and as it was near Christmas it was decided to call the team St. Nicholas’ and were registered with the Louth County Board in January 1977.