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Tephra The Steampunk Rpg Pdf PORTABLE Free


tephra the steampunk rpg pdf free

About Tephra: the Steampunk RPG Tephra is an RPG with mystery, steampunk, magic, steampowered adventure, futuristic technology, a traveling circus, villains, allies, and heroes. It is a universal RPG system with its own universal setting with hidden rules about time and place. The system allows for incredible narrative possibilities for short games or long games. Description: The original Tephra was a highly successful Kickstarter project for the creation of an RPG system and a specific setting. This project was funded in the spring of 2012, and Tephra was released to the public in late 2012. It has been a game that has been used by thousands of players and been a most valuable learning experience. Now a new game with the same name and setting is being designed and funded. It will be much larger and contain more mechanics. Most of the first version will be reused. New features will be added and old features will be either removed or reworked. The goal is a deeper game with more time for character creation, greater freedom, deeper mysteries, larger variety of challenges, more interaction among the characters, improved game balance, and to support a more diverse setting than the original. The new version of Tephra will allow the setting to be used for a wider variety of stories. The original game was a medieval fantasy based on an agrarian society. But you can use this setting to tell a story about the adventures of an aristocratic noble, a modern thief, a spacefaring pilot, an ex-pirate, a circus owner, a traveling magician, a viking berserker, a cyborg, a madman, a lost civilization, a Martian, a rogue dictator, a mad scientist, or even a simple rural family. The system is flexible enough to handle the infinite variety of any story. Tephra is designed to be easily played in 10-15 hours. It uses a 2d6 rule based system for combat and movement. It includes a detailed character generation system and a fully detailed character skillset. It also includes a robust skill progression system for skills and abilities. A unique part of Tephra is that each skill can be learned at a different skill level. This allows players to master skills and abilities in a way that may be best for their characters. The characters are fully customizable. The character system is open ended with no limits on how many classes a character can have or how many

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Tephra The Steampunk Rpg Pdf PORTABLE Free

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